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A little more about me

All humans experience trauma, just being born is traumatic! I believe life gives each of us varying degrees of traumatic experiences that leave us with an overactive sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous system.  I dedicated over half my life to healing my own nervous system with nutrition, healing energy, yoga, and lifestyle changes. I can say with confidence that I am a different person from pursuing this journey, and I love the path I’ve chosen!

My life has been a series of events and circumstances that have brought me to the powerful, independent, woman I am today. Here are some highlights:

I have a BS in nutrition from Oregon State University.

 I offered nutrition education in Peace Corps in Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia (FSM).

I completed a fellowship with the Congressional Hunger Center in Washington D.C. to understand hunger in the United States

I completed my Masters in Public Health at the University of Washington with a certificate in International Development.

I trained in Reiki to become a Reiki Trainer/ Practitioner/Master over 10 year ago.

I completed two 200-hour yoga trainings to deepen movement as a healer and have been teaching yoga for 9 years.

I assisted in running a sacred song circle for 7 years, honing my musical healing abilities.

I completed a 14 month massage training with Port Townsend School of Massage.

I am also a lifelong athlete! I rowed competitively both in college at OSU and Green Lake in Seattle. I have climbed for over 20 years.  I hike, cross-country ski, backpack, and take long lazy walks through the woods several times a week.

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