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I am a seasoned songstress, yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner/teacher, nutritionist, massage therapist, nature and plant lover,and belly dancer. I offers intuitive healing sessions that is structured to your needs and cater to trauma release in the body in a safe and loving way for long-term results. A healing session can have Sound Healing, Reiki, Massage (particularly Deep tissue, Thai, and Trager), or yoga.
An individual session ranges from 60-75 minutes and costs $80 per session.  I do the session in the privacy of your own home at no extra cost (within the Port Townsend/Chimacum area).


I am fascinated by the body’s ability to heal. I feel when we give this space it can have miraculous results. The techniques I use for massage are based on this principle. I trained in Trager technique to allow gentle rocking movement it provides to relax and calm the nervous system. Thai massage allows movement as well for longer lasting effects. Deep tissue allows me to break up old holding patterns within the body for more freedom. I am licensed in the state of Washington: #MA60978722.

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When I started following the path of experiencing subtle healing energy through Reiki over 10 years ago it completely changed my life. It opened up a beautiful new way of experiencing the world and broke open all my notions of reality. I now find Reiki enhancing each private session and workshop with intuition for how to work with each client individually and really be able to listen deeply to what is needed.
I also conduct Reiki Trainings in Level 1, 2, and 3. So connect with me for the next training dates!

Sound Healing

I sang before I could read so I understand deeply the effects of music, sound, and vibrational healing. In addition to my voice I use a sacred drum I made in ceremony, tuning forks, Tibetan bowls, gong, and bells, and Koshi Chimes. These sounds allow the nervous system to calm, allowing healing to be easier and, at times, deeper. I use these practices in workshops and private sessions.



In my 9 years of yoga I have honed my skill of teaching a class that honors the students that are present and is built especially for their needs and goals. So each class is different based on who shows up and what is needed whether it be power yoga, restorative, those that have injuries or chair yoga. I do the same for private sessions. I find the goals and honor the edges so each session is safe and fun.

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