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Recent Testimonials

"I was drawn to do a Trager massage with Jacquie as soon as she described how it worked - it sounded like such a perfect fit for the chronic tension, migraines, and overall stuckness I've been feeling. Jacquie was wonderful - she worked with my body in such an intuitive and effective way. I could feel her easing long standing patterns of tension out of my body and my nervous system relaxing. Sometimes it felt like I was in the ocean, and the movement of the water was rocking and massaging any tension back into a state of calm. After the massage, I was pleasantly surprised to feel awake and peaceful, rather than groggy and covered in oil. Plus, I haven't had a migraine in the week since the massage! I'm looking forward to more of these massages to help re-pattern my body over the long term from one that holds tension and stress to one that is fundamentally relaxed yet energized."

Erin R.

"Wow! I would recommend Jacquie to anyone looking to feel relaxed and re-energized. Are you asking how you can be both? I am telling you it is possible! After receiving a Trager massage by Jacquie I felt just that. I usually get a deep tissue massage and after I leave feeling sore and a bit overworked. This massage was different... I left feeling energized instead of wanting to take a nap. I was able to continue my daily routine and slept like a baby that night. She hit all the ‘feel’ good spots without causing any pain. I am amazed with Jacquie’s talent and healing hands."

Kristen H.

"I have yet to find a massage therapist who knows the human anatomy better than Jacquie; she is a true healer!"

Joelle B.

"Jacquie Potter has a great talent with her Reiki practice and Sound Healing. She is an intuitive healer and is very effective. She has helped me extensively with my back issues and I am extremely thankful."

Wakinda R.

Testimonials: Testimonials
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